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AR Rune Decoder Puzzle

Rune Decoder Puzzle, A Augmented Reality decoder by Riddle Factory and Morten Haulik

You can download the app at the google playstore for your android phone here:



AR Rune Decoder Puzzle

The Rune AR Decoder by RiddleFactory makes use of the unique qualities of Augmented Reality.
All you need is a phone with our app and a printet version of the AR-markers which you will find here:


and you have a new exciting riddle for your escape room.


How it works:
The AR Rune Decoder let’s your encrypt and decode messages in a rune alphabet in a way you players never have experienced before using the the worlds first augmented reality rune decoder.

Each AR-marker has its own rune linked to it that will appear when your players look at the AR-marker through the app, on each AR-marker your players will see a letter, the rune that appears when looking at the marker is the rune equal to the letter on the marker. By giving your players a message encrypted with runes and placing the AR-Markers around your escape room the players will be able to decode it by finding all the markers and translate your massage one Augmented rune stone at the time.

The app also supports a AR-marker with multiple rune stones in four lines appearing at once, each line spells out a numbers for a four digit code.

The 3D-rune stones will automatically scale to the size of the AR-makers, so if you want a bigger or smaller version of the decoder stones, all you have to do is print a bigger or smaller AR-makers to customize the stones to your needs.



Download the AR-markers:


Download the app:



We recommend using the android function screen pinning so your players can’t exit the app doing the game. We also recommend placing the AR-maker in a well lit area of your Escape Room. Augmented Reality is relaint on the phones camera, so the better lightning the better the AR puzzle solving experience will feel.

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