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This circle maze comes in two pieces and adds an affordable, but challenging element to any escape room. Players must find an acrylic and wooden circle, put them together, and discover the correct sequence of the code embedded in their design. For a full explanation of this puzzle works, please view the description.
The puzzle is made of long-lasting acrylic and sturdy wood. The diameter of the maze is 19 cm.
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To solve the circle maze the players have to find the 2 pieces: 1 acrylic and 1 wooden circle.
First, they have to align the acrylic circle on top of the wooden circle. The heart on the acrylic part goes on top of the heart engraved in the wood.
Second, each symbol is connected to a digit. The player must follow the path through the maze to see what number belongs to what symbol.
In conclusion you have a four-digit code hidden in the maze. The order in which to enter the digits are determined by the plate (seen on image 6).

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