Distance Cube


Fully assembled distance cube. When you have found the right distance to each sight of the cube a build in speaker will beep a code for the players to translate into numbers. No decoder or other parts required. simply plug the cable to power and it is ready.
because of its thick wooden bottom the cube can easily be screwed to any surface to ensure it is fixed and impossible for your escape room players to move around.



The players have to hold their hands in the right distance to each side of the cube, each side with a different distance. Ones the player have found the right distance to a side of the cube, the cube recognizes it and changes the light on that side from red to green. When the right distances are found on all 4 sides the cubes built in speaker gives them the code 364. The code is given by a sequence of beeps 3 followed by a short break, then 6 beeps, break and then 3 pips. The player translates this into numbers and uses the code to get access to the next puzzle.

The cube is powered by a 3 m long USB cable

The cube is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. All you have to do is plug it in.

The bottom of the cube is made of thick wood, so it can be screwed onto a surface.

The distances of each sensor is an interval of +-5 cm. The reason for this is to ensure that when the players have figured out the system, solving it is a smooth experience with an instant reward.


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