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Escape Room Puzzles

This great escape room puzzle is called the Enigma.
The Enigma decryption riddle, is solved in two steps.  
First step is a collection part where the players find the gears and notes.  
Second step is a decryption part where the players translate the letters from each note: “FOUR TWO EIGHT”

Make your escape room stand out with this beautiful crafted prop.



Riddle Factory have the best puzzles, because puzzles are made specific with escape games in mind.
As a result of this our props are highly liked by players and escape rooms all over the world.
How this puzzle works
There are two steps, for completing this puzzle.

First the players have to gather all the gears and find all the notes that will be translated later on.
When all the gears are mounted on the holder and pointing to A.
The players then have to translate all the letters by turning the right gear to the letter indicated on the note, in order to read what it translates into.
The user will know what gear to turn and what gear to read, using the symbols on the gears.
Finally The symbols are matched on the notes, that have been collected.

the gears have a diameter of 9 cm and the board to mound them on are 46 cm x 13 cm

Both the gears and the notes you write can be hidden in different locations, thereby you can build a whole section of your escape game up, upon this great Enigma prop.
If you need more puzzles for your room, take a look at our other products, and let us help you, make your escape room even better.

Puzzles by Riddle factory

Great puzzles of good quality, all of them hand made, for your escape game.
Riddle factory specializes in props and puzzles for escape games, and have a wide selection of decoders and puzzles.


Need to have a custom set made, with different digits?
Please send us an mail through the contact formula, and we will try to figure something out, and see if it would be possible.

We ship to the United States, Europe therefore most places around the globe.

if you have any questions regarding the prop please contact us for more information we would love to help you.

We try to answer questions as fast as possible.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 46 × 13 × 1 cm


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