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Buy this amazing Escape Room Prop and make it apart of your collections of escape game props. this challenging and original puzzle will make your escape room one of a kind.
This great escape room puzzle is excellent for a word war or spy setting, add more depth to your escape room with this, beautiful Morse code alphabet prop.
it is made of 3mm thick engraved wood, hand handcrafted, it is of high quality, and can be hidden numerous places in your escape room setting.

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Buy Escape Room Props from the Riddle Factory we are the escape game supplier.
This puzzle is a slim little handheld translator for Morse code.
It is perfect for escape rooms taking places in bunkers, world war 1 or 2 or even spy or agent settings.
use this props how you see fit, but if you have any trouble implementing it.
Contact us we will gladly help you out.

Only your imagination sets the limit for the possibilities of this puzzle so buy escape room props from us.

The translator is made of deeply engraved wood and is made to fit wherever suits your escape game.
It is a great and fun obstacle, most people know about Morse code but few know the alphabet.
If you want to read more about Morse code, you can do so here.

Morse Code is often portrayed in movies and books as the code language.
Therefore making this a perfect way for you, to make your escape room feel more real.
Buy this escape room prop today, and give yourself, your employees and especially your players an amazing experience, one they will remember.

a fun fact, the Morse code is called electric telegraph and has been used since 1836, and have been used to send secret messages since then.


Need to have a custom set made, with different results?
Please send us an mail through the contact formula, and we will try to figure something out, and see if it would be possible.

Building an escape room, and need a big order of special props, for a unique theme or room, we are here to help you.

We ship to the United States, Europe and most places around the globe.

if you have any questions regarding the prop please contact us for more information we would love to help you.

We try to answer questions as fast as possible.

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