Rune Alphabet Decoder


Viking Puzzle Prop

If you have a Escape room with a nordic, scandinavian viking vibe, or thinking about starting one. You need this puzzle to be part of your escape room props.
A elegant and beautiful piece of wood engraved with ancient viking runes, and the english alphabet, which make it a must have prop.

If you need more props or puzzles in this style, please do contact us, we will gladly help you, if your building an escape room, or improving an existing one.

This Wooden rune decoder is perfect for encrypted messages, and adds to making your escape game even more immersive.

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If you are a new escape room startup, and feel like adding an ancient Scandinavian touch to your escape room,
our Rune Decoder is the prop you need.

This mystical prop called the Rune Decoder is an escape game prop with an elegant viking decorations.
Furthermore Inspired by real Nordic Armour and handcrafted in Scandinavia.
As a result the decorations and runes are deeply engraved into wood.
Which therefore makes it even more of a joyful puzzle.

Finally The prop is of high quality and will bring a lot of joy, and fun into your escape room.
It will make your escape room and even better experience, and help you make your escape game stand out from the rest.

Are you an escape room startup?

We are the Riddle Factory, and we strive to be the best escape room puzzle supplier.
Therefore if you need anything custom made and unique for your escape room, we would be glad to help you out.
Most of all brainstorming is one of our specialties.
So if you got a theme in mind and want to hear what props or puzzles we could create for you.
Well do contact us, hence we will see if we can figure something out.


Need to have a custom set made, with different results?
Please send us an mail through the contact formula, and we will try to figure something out, and see if it would be possible.

Building an escape room, and need a big order of special props, for a unique theme or room, we are here to help you.

We ship to the United States, Europe and most places around the globe.

if you have any questions regarding the prop.
Please contact us for more information we would love to help you.

We try to answer questions as fast as possible and we know your time is important.

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