Sliding Lock


The objective of the Sliding Lock is to open it, as seen on image 4 and 5. The Sliding Lock is suited both as a puzzle in an escape room and as a waiting room puzzle.
If the Sliding Lock is used inside an escape room it is recommended to combine it with a hint and if you have a hint in mind that you would like us to make in wood or plastic feel free to contact us.
If you wish to know more about the Sliding Lock, look in the description beneath the images, if you love to solve puzzles as much as we do, we recommend that you try to solve it yourselve before looking at the description since it contains some clues of how to open it.



The Sliding Lock consists of three movable pieces with a grey stick on them that enables you to move them around, and one piece with a metal ball that is moved around by tilting the lock. The four pieces in total are in a maze blocking for the lock to open. in order to open it the pieces have to be moved around the maze.

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