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Escape Room Puzzle

This escape room prop is the perfect addition to your collection of puzzles, it consists of 4 transparent pieces of acrylic, the players participating in your escape room, then has to gather and stack the puzzle, then it will provide the players with the 4 digit code 5724, that you can use on a lock or another prop or puzzle, that could grant the player access to the next challenge in your escape game.

It’s one of the more popular items, and is a amazing add-on for your escape room.

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This great escape room puzzle is perfect for puzzles or obstacles that requires a code.
Most noteworthy this prop offers a fun, exciting and challenging way for your audience, to progress.
Our puzzles gives more depth to your already existing riddles.

escape room puzzle

The escape room prop is of high quality and consists of 4 pieces of acrylic ( also known as acrylic glass ), which is a lightweight or shatter-resistant material that can be used as a alternative to glass, as a result are totally safe.
Each of the 4 pieces is engraved with a different and a unique letter on them.
When the players find all the pieces of the puzzle and stack them on top of each other, the word CODE will appear along the top.
So your participants won’t mix up the digits and get stuck.

This escape room puzzle also comes in an other version with smooth lines forming the numbers.

It only weights 0.2 kg, or 0.4 pound.
Each of the 4 different pieces and be can be hidden different locations in your escape room thereby adding a whole new obstacle.

It could therefore be hidden in a shelf, under a plank, in a plant or where ever works best for your escape room.
If you have any trouble figuring out how to hide it.
Please do contact us, we would gladly try and help you out.


Need to have a custom set made, with different digits?
Please send us an mail through the contact formula, and we will try to figure something out, and see if it would be possible.

We ship to the United States, Europe therefore most places around the globe.

if you have any questions regarding the prop please contact us for more information we would love to help you.

We try to answer questions as fast as possible.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 6.6 × 0.3 cm


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