Spring Chest


The objective of the Spring Chest is to open it. The Spring Chest can be a hard nut to crack and it is preferably used as a waiting room puzzle, but can with a little hint be a nice contribution to your escape rooms as well.

If used as a escape room puzzle you are welcome to contact us if you eg. need us to make a free mason decoder that fits the box or resize the Sudoku Riddle to fit in there.
If used as a waiting room puzzle We would recommend hiding a little treat in it.
If you wish to know how to solve the Spring Chest you can see the solution in the description beneath the images, but if you love to solve puzzles as much as we do, we recommend that you try to solve it yourselve first.

The Spring Chest is made of laser-cut acrylic, wood, and stainless steel.


Spoiler alert! Solution below.

The Spring Chest is solved in 3 steps:

  1. The first step is the hardest; in this step you have to twist the spring. This means that you have to turn the spring 180 degrees around the metal ring
  2. Now you can roll the spring around the metal ring until the metal ring hits the end of the spring. Now the spring can be rotated perpendicular to the box and slide away from the ring.
  3. The ring will now slide into the box and allow you to slide the lid off the chest



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