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The objective of the Viking Box is to open it. The Viking Box is best suited as a waiting room puzzle.
If used as a waiting room puzzle We would recommend hiding a little treat in it. the bottom of the puzzle is made of transparrent plastic so the person solving it can see what is inside.
If you wish to know more about the Viking Box look in the description beneath the images. If you love solving puzzles as much as we do, we recommend that you try to solve it yourselve before looking at the description since it contains some clues of how to open it.

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The objective of the Viking Box is to open it. This is done by solving the maze and sequential puzzle on the top of the box. As you move towards solving the maze one by one the 4 circles have to be turned all the way to the left in order to open the box. First when all the circles are in the right position can the lid slide of.

The puzzle consists of a combination of turning wheels, metal balls and sliding pieces that you need to move and turn in the right direction. We would say that it is a difficult puzzle, but very satisfying once you figure it out.

The size of the box makes it perfect for hiding a treat inside. Like with our spring chest you are welcome to contact us if you eg. need us to make a free mason decoder that fits the box or resize the Sudoku Riddle to fit in there. The bottom of the box is made from clear hard pvc, so you can see the inside compartment of the box.

The Viking Box is definitely best suited as a waiting room puzzle due to its complexity it takes to long time to solve it for us to recommend using it inside an escape room. with that said, setting up the puzzle after it has bin solved can be done so it is already “halve solved” and therefore takes a shorter time to figure out
Made in laser-cut wood, plexiglass, and stainless steel

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